Friday, April 10, 2015

Blog #8: Google Doesn't Care Where You Went to College

Google is a 365 billion dollar company that we utilize to find anything that we are inquiring about. When we think about Google we immediately think about the best search engine on the web but Google is more than that. The leading search engine company has grown since 1998 to become a provider of multiple internet services. Online advertising, cloud computing and software are some of Google's many services that they have to offer. Google has consistently been rated one of the top jobs to work by Forbes. Laszlo Bock is the Head of People Operations at Google and he lets everyone know that you do not need an Ivy League school just to get in the door at Google. "What we find is the best people from places like that are just as good if not better as anybody you can get from any Ivy League school," says Bock. This statement just motivates more students around the nation to apply to Google. 2 million people apply for vacant positions at Google every year. Bock sees the bulk of the application and resumes. Google is a top company but they are not focused on the things that we are told are important. Grades and brainteaser questions are two things that Google are not interested in as much. Grades only predict performance for the first two years of your Google career and not much after that. Brainteaser questions are a coach able skill that will come as time passes along. Diversity, problem solvers and leaders are three types of qualities that Google are looking for. Intellectually humble people are ideal and knowing how to the job aren't because that will come with time. This article will open up eyes to students that always wanted to work at a great place like Google because the information given about the job lets it be known that is possible. I believe that is possible for myself to work at Google even though I never thought about it. The qualities that they are looking for are things that I believe everyone can focus and put to use.

Shane Otchere
April 10, 2015
5:08 PM

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