Friday, April 10, 2015

Human rights defenders under threat

Womens Humans Rights Defenders Under Threat

There has become a big problem in the would with human rights defenders being arrested for speaing up about what they believe. This Article in The Guardian is based off of a news podcast that is off multiple women human rights defenders. One women talks about how a wealthy man sued her and won, convicting her of the crime of defamation. In many places around the world women do not have very many equal rights however in Honduras they have none.These women came together to discuss how there seems to be a target against human rights defenders. Apparently in 1995, 189 different governments signed an agenda that was called " Beijing Platform for Action" this was suppose to protect women who spoke up about their right but 20 years later this seems to be ignored. The women activist are being called evil women or sex workers because they spoke about their right to openly work in the UN. There has been talk about how to kill these human rights defenders. 
People seem to think that there has been a huge crackdown human rights defenders especially in Chine; if one is prosecuted then they will surely be convicted. There seems to be a wave of extremest which has had a huge impact on women. although both women and male human right activist are under attack from the government women seem to be more vulnerable to violence and humiliation. These women said " that it is important that the protection of womens human rights defenders come hand in hand with human rights in general". If people cared more about human rights then these defenders would not be needed. 
The other day at UNCG two women from Bangladesh came and spoke about workers rights. They told us that many people who go out and try to gain rights or be compensated for the work they had done are either arrest or disappear. This shows that this is real and is actually happening around the world.

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