Friday, April 10, 2015

Blog #8: Schools should teach positive portrayal of same-sex relationships

At the annual conference for the National Union of Teachers in Harrogate, they approved that students should be taught a positive representation of same sex relationships in school sex education. Creating a more positive environment for LBGT and an understanding about sexuality and gender that is fit for the 21st century. By discussing the ideas of sexuality and gender, it will make it easier for students and teachers that identify as LGBT to work and attend school without fear. Despite recent strides in the legal status of same-sex marriages, many schools still remain a hostile place for LGBT teachers and students. It will be now be included in teachers training courses on how to deal with homophobic and transphobic incidents, along with LGBT equality and rights. In secondary schools in England, sex and relationship education is mandatory, but it is not required in primary schools, academies, or free schools.  The NUT’s general secretary states that they need to make an education policy that all school’s education policies include a positive representation of same sex relationships. A spokesperson from the Church of England stated that they had not looked over the proposal in full detail, but they introduced anti-homophobic bulling guidelines in all of their schools. The improvement in school funding will help make these policies go through.

This is exciting news for the LGBT community in England. Teaching about all aspects of gender and sexuality will make school environments a friendly place for LGBT people.  It will teach children not discriminate against LGBT people, but also give hope and assurance to children that are fearful of coming out.

Ashley Casmirri
7:12 PM

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