Friday, April 10, 2015

Blog 8: Iran Ease to Ban Women at Men Sporting Events

Women in the Middle East face discrimination on the day to day basis. Women are fighting to gain awareness and improve their life situations. There is injustice being done to women all around due to sexism and stereotypes. Women are being jailed unjustly and killed without much effort to find the perpetrators. Now there are women’s rights movements happening now all over the globe to help end the repression, especially in the Middle East and other Asian countries.

Due to the Islamic Revolution in 1979, women were barred from men athletic sporting events. The ban was set in place because officials felt that “mixed crowds” was un-Islamic and against morals of their nation. For a moment women were allowed to attend certain volleyball games but when a new president came to power in 2005 even volleyball games became under restriction. Now there has finally been talk about the ban being lifted for some of the men sporting events but not all beginning next year. Why it will not happen until next year is still an issue with many. Why should women have to wait another year? Iran had been one of the countries in the running to host the 2019 Asian Cup for soccer but did not win. Many feel like it was not awarded to them because of the women restrictions. For such a huge event many feel as if it will not be fair to force women to sit out.

When will women in these countries have justice? Women everywhere should be allowed the same freedoms as everyone else.

Illyana Massey
4/10/15  9:52 pm

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