Friday, April 10, 2015

Blog 8- Souls-Katelynne Lee

Saving the Souls of Child Brides
Saving the Souls of Child Brides author, Katey Hearth, discusses in her intense article of the drastic increase in child marriages internationally, but mentions specifically the prevalence in Guatemala. Hearth brings fourth children an opportunity to be rescued, safe, and offers them opportunity for their future. Such reference is to the Kids Alive International Oasis Center is located in Canada. This group of incredible people spread awareness on prevalence of child brides as well as the subsequent mortality rates. They give children at risk or those rescued trauma counseling, safe location, abuse counseling, and education on how to balance pregnancy with school. Hearth, who is an extreme advocate for such programs, says it is a great program and they have seen vast improvement in the children.
As with many programs I have found and researched, it seems this is one of the better programs. It allows for a multidimensional support system for these girls who may not other have any. Offering counseling and providing a safe location and outlet is a huge step in making a child okay again.
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