Friday, April 10, 2015

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Nardos Debru

Vatican silent over French gay ambassador

In France, a new ambassador has been elected, Laurent Stefanini. It was proposed that he was to be the new ambassador in January. Typically it takes about a month to approve an appointment but for Stefanini it has been three months and still the process is not completed. Stefanini is an open homosexual and is also one of the French government's best diplomats. After three long months the Vatican still has not responded to the appointment of Stefanini, why you ask? Many believe it to be because of his sexuality. The Vatican does have a history of designing a gay diplomat as ambassador back in 2007. Some oppose this accusation with the argument that “ the Holy See is displeased with France's decision to legalize same-sex marriage in 2013.” Additionally Pope Francis is seen to be more accepting towards homosexuality as he has come to terms with the fact that it is a sin just like any other and should be forgiven.
I think that all of the signs are there: the Vatican is avoiding Stefanini's appointment as ambassador due to the fact that he is gay. In order to avoid stirring up trouble or forming any enemies they are delaying the process rather than simply declining it and proposing their reasoning. The foreign ministries of Paris stated that Stefanini is one of their best diplomats and this is why they appointed him. If he has all of the necessary qualifications and works by the rules why deny him this opportunity because of his sexual preference? This is a clear example of inequality. Living in America and seeing how other countries handle homosexuality is very saddening because they are so not accepting and judgmental. Hopefully other countries will catch up and realize that sexuality is not what matters it is who someone is inside and what they bring to the table.

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