Friday, April 10, 2015

Blog #8 Kenya officials compares terror victims to 'cockroaches'

Kenyan officials have admitted on Thursday that they made mistakes in their handling of last week's terror attack on the Garissa University college, but one senior police official seems to put the responsibility on the victims, saying that people should fight back and "don't be killed just like cockroaches."  The senior police officer, Pius Masai Mwachi told journalists at a Nairobi morgue that when terrorist attack, the best thing to do is simply fight back.  At least 148 died in the attack, including at least 142 students.  Mwachi's comments, implying that students could have avoided being killed "like cockroaches," were made at the morgue where the families were collecting their dead, and came in the wake of an attack that critics say was badly mishandled by the government and security agencies.

All I can say is HOW DISRESPECTFUL. Not only are these poor families dealing with the loss of their child, but a senior police officer has the nerve to relate them to cockroaches.  Not only this, but he claims that could have avoided if they would have fought back, as if it was an easy task.  The article states that students have told how one gunman ran into an early morning Christian prayer meeting and sprayed gunfire at praying students, shooting some in the faces, and other in the chest before kicking the bodies to ensure they were dead.  There is no other word for this except absurd !  And then for this POLICE OFFICIAL to put the burden on these helpless victims..........I guess when we're getting sprayed with gunfire, or getting shot in the face, we should be running and trying to fight back so that we don't die too.

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