Friday, April 10, 2015

Blog #8: Russian LGBT Activists Describe Victimization, Repression … and Hope


This article revolves around the LGBT activist in both London but mainly in Russia. Ever since there was a banned in Russia on gay “propaganda” in 2013 there has been a rise of homophobia in Russia to the extent that research has found that 68% of the population agrees with the legislation of banning gay “propaganda” and also 74% of Russians believe that homosexuality should not be accepted. This is a 14% increase from before the banned of gay “propaganda.”  With these statistic, brought by the Pew Research team, this is a lingering question of is there hope for the LGBT community in Russia?  To help gain acceptance of the LGBT community, activist in Russia seek knowledge in Russia to be able to get their voices heard in Russia. Hoping for a better life in Russia, London LGBT activist give them tips on what to say, how to look, stand, and sound as they prepare for the interviews that are sure to come as they fight for human equality amongst the LGBT community.


I have never thought about how countries could move backwards. It is this assumption that once the majority of people in a country have accepted a people and we are on our way to bringing equality that the next challenge is the minority of people who do not accept it, not the government. Homosexuality is not illegal in Russia. Though this may be true it seems like they are moving in a direction that is stripping them of all of their rights. To not be able to wear what they want or to be seen as a threat is not the way anyone would want to live. This is what they are facing in Russia right now. Luckily there are activist trying to help but with some many people failing to see hope, it seems like the LGBT community will have to wait quite some time before they will be seen as equals.

Karen Bent
April 10, 2015
12:23 PM

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