Saturday, April 11, 2015

Blog 8
Nathan Larson

ISIS continues its terror campaign this week with the release of another execution video. What is even more shocking than usual in this video, is that the individual that appears to be murdering a supposed Israel spy is a 10 year old boy. ISIS has been using the media for a while now to create a sense of panic throughout the world. They generally will release a video of a murder of their enemy in order to put fear and ultimately hopelessness in the minds of their opposition. The video depicts a “young lion” as the ISIS terrorist in the clip calls him, dragging the alleged Israel Spy, and then shooting him in the back of the head. There is speculation about whether the video is authentic or not, but it is still a good example of how ISIS is using its influence on individuals at a very young age. In doing this they are creating future generations of Religious extremists who because of their early exposure are essentially brain washed. There are even reports of ISIS using video games such as Grand Theft Auto to recruit younger members to join forces with them. They use examples of actions that can be played in the game, and then assure the young gamers that they can do these things in real life if they join ISIS. These methods of Propaganda and intimidation are very concerning, it shows us that the technology that we love and use for our benefit, is also being exploited for an evil cause. The enemy in this war on terror is going to be centered around what ideology will be the most impressionable on young minds. This is concerning because there is always going to be young men and women who are raised to be religious fanatics. How are we supposed to defeat an enemy that has the ability to multiply exponentially by using our modern technology to corrupt the next generations?


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