Monday, April 13, 2015

Blog #8:The Nisman case: Deflating Rapidly


According to the article, from the the first time that the Nisman case started it was exploited for political purpose. Nisman, who accused the Argentinean president, Cristina Kirchner, of orchestrating a cover-up in the investigation of Iran over the 1994 bombing of AMIA. This led to Nisman looking like a hero while the government looked as murderous. In February 18 there was a "silent" demonstration held in Buenos Aires that was organized by five federal prosecutors with the purpose of paying homage to their dead colleague. Since the appeal presented the Republic in danger, it gave the demonstration an obvious anti government tone.  Some news have been reporting false information according to this article. For example some news had reported that there was about 400 people who had marched in Buenos Aires when in fact it was about 70 to 90 people. Clarin is one of the most important national newspaper in which in fact it was reporting some unreliable news. For example, " When Viviana Fein, the prosecutor who is in charge of the investigation, declared that she had concluded that the was no third party in the scene, the newspaper (Clarin) informed their readers that the statement can be used to hint to murder as a recognition that a second party was perhaps involved." Clarin also discredited Fein's work. After they had published an interview to one of the random witnesses summoned on the spot after Fein arrived to the prosecutor's apartment, the said that the witness declared that the place itself was a mess, dozens of people were in Nisman's apartment and they were laughing as well as using his personal stuff. The witness , according to this article, also stated seeing Fein leaving the scene with a plastic bag with five bullet casings which would show that she was lying about this case being suicide.


This is the first time in which I am hearing some of these reports! Although I wouldn't be surprised if there are fake news going around. I think that it is sad that they would want to spend their time trying to bring someone down when there is a bigger picture to focus on ! but then again I don't see how this is surprising in any ways because that is pretty much the job of the media. The Nisman case has been on a stand still as far as I know. This was the only thing that I could have found and honestly reading this didn't surprise me at all. I still don't see how this case could be considered as suicide although not to give the changes, I just don't see him doing such a thing after he was bold enough to say what he said about the president involvement. I still strongly believe that someone murdered him and they are doing a good job in hiding themselves and the evidence from letting it get out in public.

Alexandra Palma


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