Friday, April 10, 2015

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Yazidi sex slaves 'gang-raped in public' by Isis fighters

    Yazdi sex women were kidnapped and gang raped by the extremist group, Isis in a public setting. According to reports, hundreds of women and children living in Sinjar (the northern part of Iraq), were taken from their homes. They were later held hostage for about eight months. Some of the abducted women were either given to Isis fighters as “prizes” or sold as sex slaves. The remainder of the women and children were  beaten and forced to convert to Islam. Some of the captured women stated that they were forced to give blood for transfusions.  

This incident of a mass kidnapping and mass rape of women and children, is another prime example of global crime.  Also, it is common for extremist groups  to commit these crimes    in order to showcase their power to others in society, even the world. It seems to be a pattern of extremist groups exerting their power on citizens who belong to small towns because they're more vulnerable and less likely able to defend oneself. They also use mass rape as a tool to convert people who practice a different religion from their own. In this example, they were converted to Islam.

Victoria McCollum

April 10, 2015

1:05 PM

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