Friday, April 10, 2015

Blog 8

Blog 8


Completing Ebola vaccine trials 'a challenge' as epidemic wanes


      In West Africa the rates of Ebola has finally started to drop, as a result if makes completing the vaccine for it difficult. The news of Ebola rates dropping is great especially for those populations in Africa that were affected by this virus tremendously. Unfortunately with the success of Ebola falling off it makes it harder for health care experts and drug companies to test and see if the vaccine actually will work. There was only about 30 cases of the Ebola virus reported this week in West Africa. The number of just 30 cases is a lot lower than the average of at least 100 cases reported in a week from West Africa and is also the lowest number of cases reported in Africa in over a year. The question is now will the health care agencies be able to finish the vaccine and do the vaccine has to only be tested on humans. The WHO states that Ebola is still a threat in Africa and other countries but the threat is starting to diminish.


         I feel that it’s great that the Ebola virus is finally starting to diminish, especially for those countries that very affected greatly by this virus. Also I hope that the health care agencies will be able to finish the vaccine for Ebola because a deadly virus like this can easily show up again in a not so good health care system like in Africa. I feel that if the health care system maybe thought of a way to set up a research project with the people who still have the Ebola virus then maybe they will be able to finish the vaccine.

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