Friday, April 17, 2015

Blog #9 Ebola Costing the African country Billions

Sierra Leone president, Ernest Bai Koroma spoke with VOA and told them that Ebola outbreak has destroyed his country’s economy, crippling business as well as hurting households. He plans on the country rebuilding the health system and the economy. The government is planning on developing a Center for Disease control to help prevent and fight other diseases in the future. Since 2013 when the outbreak started in Guinea there have been almost 26,000 cases reported and over 10,000 deaths have happened. In Sierra Leone has had 12,201 cases and 3,857 since the disease has started. Since last week there has only been nine reported cases reported in Sierra which shows the decline of the disease in the whole region. Since all of the businesses have closed the whole economy has suffered, combined the three West African countries has lost almost $1.6 billion dollars since the start of this disease. Since the whole outbreak has occurred the only people that have visited the country has been officials or representatives from financial institutions such as the African Development Bank and the World Bank. Koroma wants the Center for Disease control to train officials to be better equipped to fight this disease and future diseases. The United States have been working close with the countries since the outbreak and said that we will continue to help them to rebuild and plan future projects to help the fight against diseases.



The government is starting to work on getting better but I wonder what is going on with the families in these cities. If the government has been hurt that badly then what has happened to the families living there? It is already hard for these families to live, on top of that they already have high death rate in children. So now that they have lost this many people will they ever recover fully? We want to slow down the world population and one way is by improving the living situation of the people and now with this epidemic that has occurred then the government can start to better the health of the people which will also, possibly, start decreasing the child mortality rate which will steady out the population over time. So this is possibly a good thing and a bad thing the same time. Hopefully this will all play out in a positive way and it will help increase the life of the children that they have.




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