Friday, April 17, 2015

Blog #9: Finally, Apple emojis reflect America

The latest Apple IOS update 8.3 is the latest rave in the world of technology. The new update includes the ability to make calls over Wi-Fi, improved cellular service and most important new emojis. The new emojis are most anticipated because Apple users have been using the old ones for so long. The new Apple emojis reflect our different races and cultures. As a current Apple user, I salute the new emojis because allows use to express ourselves through our diversity instead of just words. I believe this emoji update is more than just having a variety of faces and items. I believe this update is Apple's attempt to break stereotypes on certain characters in our everyday lives. Some good examples are Santa Claus, cops and Muslims because we always assume that they are one skin tone when we hear about them. The emojis don't stop there. Apple also included same sex emojis which will probably receive double as much criticism because same sex marriage is not legal in every state. The 2016 GOP candidates are considered conservatives so their beliefs will be along the lines of "gay emojis will turn children gay." The responses to the newest update are pretty amazing because even though Apple has made emojis more diverse some are still offended. Redheads across the nation have started a petition to be included into the fold of these new emojis. It took Apple a while but the world is very diverse so adding these new emojis shows that Apple cares about the differences in the world. I believe this will effect the economy because certain people only by Apple product for certain features such as Facetime, iMessages and now emojis. Consumers that don't have iPhones will continue to hear about the new feature so they probably will start buying into it.

Shane Otchere
April 17, 2015
7:42 PM  

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