Friday, April 17, 2015

Blog #9 Greece Finance Minister Varoufakis refuses Grexit as well as targets economy cannot meet

Varoufakis has rejected an exit from the Eurozone and an agreement on its debt with unreachable economic targets. Lagarde, the head of the IMF will not agree on any extension. Greece is expected to pay the scheduled bailout payment.  Varoufakis states that they will not be signing anything that they cannot do. There are concerns that on the 24th of April Athens will miss the deadline for a new loan. A new deal would help the country “breath”. The country would be allowed to make payments to the IMF and the ECB over the next two months.
Varoufakis said that the two sides shared common ground. The longer they negotiate though, the longer it will take Greece to get out of the crisis. Lagarde met with Varoufakis in Washington and agreed that Greece and its lenders need to start to evaluate Athens and come to agreements.
There are no real decisions made. For months now there have been many ups and downs and back and forth decisions. Greece has been trying to get through and has been going around trying to find solutions. They have been “begging” for money from all around in order to save themselves.
Ultimately they are trying to do what is best so they can get by and they can avoid the suffering of the people. Tsipras and Varoufakis have been working since January, when Tsipras was elected, in order what is good for their country. They have been traveling non-stop from country to country in order to find a solution… any solution that is for the benefit of all. 

Eugenia Marantos

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