Friday, April 17, 2015

Thousands of people sought refuge in temporary shelters in South Africa after mobs with machetes attacked immigrants in Durban, leaving at least five people dead, an aid group said. Armed police officers have worked to stop encounters between local people and immigrants from other nations that apparently took their jobs. So far, 3 people have died in the Durban attacke, including 2 immigrants, and 3 South Africans. According to the Gift of the Givers charity, there has been a large amount of support from the South African people, not only because they are foreign, or African, but because they are fellow human beings. The charity said about 8,500 people fled to refugee centers or police stations this week because of the violence, not including the ones  who fled their homes to other, private accommodations, the group said. They have also providedaid packages for those who may journey onwards to their home countries."  Even though they want to maintain the violence in Durban, the gift or the givers charity has assured immigrants have  a facility in Johannesburg to help those who might need shelter there. There are tents and other emergency supplies set up in this area in case the immigrants ever need it. In the past, Johannesburg has been the epicenter of anti-immigrant tensions. In 2008, people  were killed in attacks in the poorest areas of Johannesburg. Most of the victims were Zimbabweans who had fled repression and dire economic circumstances. More than 200 people very arrested in this attack for different crimes such as rape, murder, robbery, and theft.

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