Thursday, April 16, 2015

Blog #9: Gun Found in Probe Into Argentine Prosecutor Death


A gun was discovered in a storage area in which is raising some question on Nisman death. The gun was found by Nisman's mother, Sarar Garfunkel, along with other personal things of her son. Sandra Arroyo Salgado, Nisman's former wife believe that the gun found in the storage which happened to be his (Nisman), shows that he did not take his own life knowing that he wouldn't have needed to borrow the pistol that did kill him. The original death gun was owned by Diego Lagomarsino who happened to be a computer technician. He said that Nisman had asked him to borrow it after fearing for his life and his daughters life. Investigators has said that Lagomarsino is not a suspect. Ms. Salgado believes that the founding of the gun changes the investigation but, lead investigator Viviana Fein disagrees due to the fact that it wasn't the weapon that killed Mr. Nisman. Investigators has yet not determined whether or not Nisman was murdered or if he committed suicide after he accused the president of covering up blame for the country's deadliest terror attack. Both Salgado and Fein have frequently fought via declarations to local media about the investigation itself, in which Salgado criticizes the slow pace of the probe and hired her own forensic team to comb Nisman's apartment. That team that she contracted concluded that Nisman was murdered.


The point that Nisman's formal wife had about the gun is true. Why wouldn't he just commit suicide with his own gun since he had one? Why did he had to borrow someone else's gun to kill himself? I find it amazing that they said that the owner of the gun that did kill him isn't a suspect. Uhm what? Does that even make sense? Now I have watched a lot of fist 48 shows to know that there is something wrong "in this picture" like they say. With this new detail arriving it supports my suspicion in the fact that he didn't commit suicide, no! he was murdered!!

Alexandra Palma

4:33 pm


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