Thursday, April 16, 2015

ISIS Escapes Describe systematic rape

ISIS: Crimes Against Humanity 

         There are certain things that are considered human rights and one of them is that women's bodies are theirs and not to be sold or abused. ISIS has partaken in events that are considered as crimes against humanity. Hundreds of women women have been taken and tortured by ISIS fighters, however there has been some that have escaped and have been interviewed so they can share with the world the horrific things ISIS is doing to women. Most of their stories involve  rape, sexual slaver, imprisonment, religious persecution, and forced marriage. An article of the interview with these girl has recently been published and their stories are awful. Girls as young as 12 are been raped by multiple ISIS fights, forced into marriage and then sold to other people as "gifts". ISIS has publicly stated that they believe it is okay to give their fighters women as "spoils" of the war. On top of being sex slaves and passed around to people, these women are tortured and abused. These women are human beings, not animals, and something needs to be done to help these poor women and children. 
The women who have been able to escape are in need of serious medical treatment, psychological and physically. These women are getting diseases and even pregnant.
       Abduction and detention of innocent people instantly goes against their human rights and doesn't just happen because of ISIS. This happens all around the world. Women especially, are raped, abused, and sold. Escapees have told Human Rights Watch that they didn't have choice, they had to do what they were told or they were beaten. They went through selection, which involved men examining their bodies and dragging off who ever they liked the most, raping them and then bringing them back to trade in for someone else. These stories are of women and children some as young as 8 being.   
        Human Rights Watch has been informed that less then 150 women and children have been able to escape and that not all of these women are unable to get medical treatment once they are free. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is trying to provide health and other services to these women but there are still huge gaps in medical care for this women. The whole world needs to know what is going on over there and needs to take a better look at the human rights violations that are happening around world. Not enough attention or focus is put on this and these people are getting away with their crimes.  

Eliana Berger

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