Friday, April 17, 2015

Blog 9: Letter from Detained Chinese Families Calls for their Release

Following up from my previous blog, a translation of the letter from the families of the five incarcerated Chinese feminists was given to the state prosecutors encouraging them to release the women. The letter was very long and compassionate. It reads, “Only Zheng Churan’s family had been notified of her detention…We are astonished, puzzled and indignant at this…” Then they go on to talk about how the women are socially responsible citizens and how they were carrying on the tradition of the pioneers who founded their feminist party. They say that they believe the ideas and actions of the five relatives did not violate national policy or laws in anyway. Their activities were just to oppose sexual harassment, domestic violence and protect women and children with the core values of socialism and raising social awareness. According to the letter, the women were very involved people who participated and volunteered for public activities including AIDS prevention, discrimination against hepatitis sufferers and more. They all attended university and addressed the issues of women’s rights to authority. The family that they have a very good image in society and are loved by people.

Based on the letter, the family sounds extremely intelligent and also supports and understands the role of a feminist. The women all seem to have a heart for those who are discriminated, not just women but everyone. Of course, it should not have been too difficult writing the letter and defending the five women because there does not seem to be any rational evidence of acts of violence or anything against the law. If these women are not released after the detention center and the government reads this letter, then the government may not be as supportive of equal rights of women as they said they were working to be. This incident is definitely a setback for China.

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