Friday, April 17, 2015

Blog Post 9
Nathan Larson

The situation brewing in the Ukraine seems to be edging along this week. The United States has dedicated 300 trainers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade to assist in training the Ukraine National Guard, who although are currently on a cease fire, have been conducting regular combat operations. Russia’s reaction to these trainers has been negative, as they have stated “Participation from third party specialist could destabilize the situation”. This comment has been considered unwarranted as there has been a great deal of evidence that the Russian military has been providing not only training , but weapons, and troops to the Ukraine Rebels. Ukraine has pleaded with the United States to provide specific weapons systems that would enable them to provide better air support, as well as combat the Rebels armored forces. Thus far Obama has refused to sign over any weapon’s aid packages, but has sent over tens of millions in “non-lethal aid packages”. The training from the U.S. Army will focus on better methods of conducting combat operations as well as training to improve professionalism and proficiency within the Ukraine military. The situation as a whole is unsettling because the United States continues to increase its role in Ukraine as well as dealing with the situation in the Middle East. With our economy struggling to recover, having wartime operations is an extreme burden. At the same time, we can’t ignore the threat of a Ukraine overthrow, and can’t allow Russia to have its way in that region. It is a tough balance between minding our own business and trying to insure the greater good as a world power and leader. Russia is a significant military power, and if left unchecked, there could be some very negative repercussions. What would be nice to see is more help from our allies in dealing with the situation. It could escalate into a larger issue if it isn’t tackled soon without hesitation.

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