Friday, April 17, 2015

Blog 9: Shabab Carry Out Deadly Attack on Ministry Building in Somalia

On Tuesday an attack took place in Mogadishu. A car bomb exploded outside the Ministry of Higher Education building. It was a meeting taking place in the Ministry building to discuss standard exams for the nation schools. The attack left nineteen people dead and fifteen people wounded. The image of the scene described was that it was filled of smoke, debris, pools of blood and burned bodies. An Islamic group named Shabab who is tied to Al Qaeda took credit for the attack. Mr. Kay the secretary general of the United Nations made a statement saying he was "appalled by the complete disregard for the lives of innocent people shown by the attackers.
A lot of different attacks are stating to place by the Shabab group. The Shabab group is very dangerous and they are evolving rapidly as their attacks are taking place closer together. The Shabab group wants African union forces to leave Somalia. Soldiers from an African Union peacekeeping force were inside the Ministry of Higher Education building and were killed. A lot of innocent people are being killed and their citizens are worried for their safety. Another reason for some of the attacks taking place is also religion. The Al Shabab group goal is to create an Islamic state. The Shabab group also attacked Kenya two weeks ago and eighty percent of Kenya population are Christians. This attack left 144 people died. 
Tamaiya Davis 

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