Friday, April 17, 2015

Isis beheaded 300 people from Anbar’s tribes over the past few days, says Anbar MP

Adel Khamis Mahlawi, announced on Wednesday that ISIS terrorist beheaded 300 people in the province in the past few days

Mahlawi said “ISIS continues in a series of terrorist crime against the Iraqi people, especially the member of the Anbar tribes’ pointing out “the organization slaughter 300npeople in the past days; they belong to the tribe of ABU Maha, al-Karaba, al-Salman, Albu Obaid, and al-Raoyen”.

Mahlawi, a deputy from the union of forces, stated that “Everyone should bear moral and legal responsibility for genocide suffered by the people of Anbar at the hands of outsiders of this era and save is people from their crime”.


The ISIS problem is a global affair because what is happening has spread outside its borders. It also has attracted global affair because other countries are waging war against them. The beheaded of 300 people is an example of religious extremist. The ISIS will use any force to enforce their religious ideas. The ISIS will mangle, behead and execute anyone who doesn’t conform to their ways. So the killing of the 300 people is another way of using fear and terror to convert someone into conformity. They show little compassion for human being so that’s why it’s a global affair. The killing of the 300 people was genocide killing that is prohibited by the United Nation. It is also consider a war crime. So his killing of 300 individuals was inhumane and it goes against every moral ethic of human life. 
Tempris McCollum

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