Friday, April 17, 2015

Blog 9

Shops set ablaze, looted as xenophobic attacks spread in South Africa

South Africa, a country filled with many different cities, tribes, and peoples is undergoing an outbreak of violence and separation. In the city of Durban, where many africans and foreigners attempted to travel to fr a better life, violence broke out. Residents started a riot to get rid of all foreigners by all means. The shot machetes, burned down buildings and businesses owned by foreigners. Residents of Durban justify these actions by explaining that foreigners are taking their jobs and posing a threat by committing crimes. Six people were reported dead and that included two Durban, South Africa natives. Thousands of people are hiding out in shelters and police departments to escape from this violence.

I think that this is absolutely repulsive. Being a foreigner to the US I did experience some inequalities but I could not imagine getting shot at and abused just for moving to America. First of it is historically proven that the residents of Durban are not the original residents, Africans from surrounding countries originated there and should be allowed to live and start their lives there if they please. For the people who live in other cities of South America should not even be considered foreigners, it is their country no matter what city and they should be able to travel across the country without the risk of being abused or killed. This is unfair and unjust, and should be stopped. No one outside of the government has the right to dictate where someone else should live. Everyone in the city should be treated equally and given a chance to obtain their residence rather than being killed or threatened

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