Friday, April 17, 2015

Blog 9: Assassinations in Ukraine

Earlier this week two allies of the former Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, were assassinated. Oleg Kalashnikov, a former member of the Ukrainian parliament, was shot and killed outside of his apartment arounf 7 o'clock p.m. On Wednesday and next day Oles Buzyna, a Ukrainian journalist, was shot and killed near his home. However these are not the only mysterious deaths over the past couple months, since late February three former members of the Ukrainian parliament have committed suicide, although foul played is suspected in many of these cases. The Ukraine has been divided for many years now with part of the population being more Russian than Ukrainian it is obvious how a war could emerge in such a small nation. There are a few theories coming from both sides of the debate, both greatly differing in opinion. The Opposition Bloc, the Ukraine's largest opposition party, believes there is no doubt that the murders have been political assassinations and states “It is clear oppression of those who are not afraid to criticize the government.” The Ukrainian government, being on the other side of the spectrum, agree in the sense that “the crimes have the same origin” but rather than believing the crimes having something to do with oppression they believe that the murders are meant to “destabilize the internal political situation.” Some others believe that the murders were planned by the Russian government in hopes of destabilizing Ukraine in attempt to aid the Russian separatists. Regardless of the reasons behind the murders it is obvious that whoever is behind them is part of a larger organization and are more than likely not finished with their plans for the Ukraine.
William A. Bullard 
10:23 PM

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