Friday, April 17, 2015

Global Health Strategies Continued: Collaborative Disease Control


 This article discusses the collaboration of the U.S Centers for Disease Control and the African Union Commission in an attempt to combat disease in Africa. The two organizations aim to join forces later this year to create a new agency in Africa that will help member states to establish a continent-wide surveillance and response system to health emergencies. The new agency aims to help countries "monitor public health, respond to public health emergencies, address complex health challenges, and build needed capacity". The article also talks about the importance of a collaboration such as this. The new agency does not aim to give the U.S. CDC control over things it serves more-so as a means to share and exchange resources. This collaboration is important because it will allow for better communication between African nation states, given the high mobility of these countries and the high transmission rates of infectious diseases.


This collaborative approach is an important step in combating global health issues. As the article stated programs such as this have already made progress between European countries and the Caribbean. It is imperative that we see more of these organizations and programs in the years to come. Given the extensive list of communicable and infectious diseases, it seems no longer beneficial for countries to work separately on issue that may impact the whole world in one plan flight.

Phylicia Smith



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