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Blog 9: is Ebola Sexually Transmitted

Is Ebola Sexually Transmitted ?

Previously Ebola survivors were advise to practice protected sex three months after recovery, but now it seems like that advice will change. Medical professionals are concerned that Ebola could possibly be transmitted sexually. There is research in the progress of testing   hypotheses concerning how long the virus remain active in semen.
This concern arise because there were few cases of Ebola possibly being sexually transmitted during the peak of the virus , but a little more cases are following up with time. The new infections has went down to about three dozen a week within three affected countries. In some cases  there is no link where the virus came from, but possibly it could have been sexually transmitted.
Investigators are focusing on two women which were residents of Liberia and Sierra Leone that died last month obtaining no risk factors associated with Ebola, but their previous sex partners were Ebola survivors. When there were no new Ebola infections for three weeks Ruth Tugbah became infected and pasted away experiencing a similar situation. The medical team could not find no connection with how Ruth Tugbah became infected, but her boyfriend was a Ebola survivor. It was found in research that Ms.Tugbah and her boyfriend virus sequences are very similar and match in several key points.
Ebola has never been confirmed to be a transmitted disease, but American and This is a big concern because the countries have adjusted their societies to assist in eradicating the disease. For an example, the burial ceremonies and some traditions had to be changed in order to stop others from becoming infected. This is a big concern because the epidemic is dying down and it could outbreak again easily under these conditions.
There has been some obstacles in the operation of research. Some of the obstacles are due to the negative stigmatize associated with Ebola. There are also some people who are sensitive when it comes to discussing sex and feel guilty. For example. Mr. Korma wife died from Ebola and he was interviewed he shared some biases and untruthful information. Even with the pros and cons W.H.O, C.D.C., and Sierra Leone Health Ministries is working on a solution.

Analysis: While researching a social problem there are many causes. All the causes may not be known at that time which is why sociologist utilize the scientific method. Using the scientific method enable hypothesis to be tested and changed when needed and appropriate.

Ebony Barr
April 17,2014
11:07 pm

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