Friday, April 10, 2015

Blog#8: Dream Deferred: Syrian refugee dreams of finishing her education

Dream Deferred: Syrian refugee dreams of finishing her education
This article is about a girl who was in the process of finishing up her studies when the war began four years ago. She attended a university where she was seeking a degree in English literature in hopes of becoming a teacher. She believed that the younger generations was Syria’s future and that they are the ones who will rebuild their country. Three years ago her family was forced to leave their home near Damascus, in east Ghouta before chemical warfare was used. They stayed in Syria for the next year, moving from one house to another, from one village to another. During this time they never truly felt safe due to the fact that every other day the place was being bombed. Eventually they made the choice to leave Syria and relocate to Jordan.  They have been in Jordan for two years in hopes of returning to their hometown. The girl dreams of going back Syria in hopes of being the type of teacher that has inspired her in so many ways. But her dream seems unreachable due to the obstacles she is facing.

Education is something that is really important to me. Simply because I know that without it I wouldn’t be able to be successful in life. My dream as well is to become an educator thanks to a teacher who once inspired me growing up. I want to be able to give a child with dreams hope that that dream can come true. Being a college student is challenging in many aspects especially financially so I know how it feels to not have enough money to pay for school.

Candace Burton

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