Friday, April 10, 2015

Global Health Strategies


This article written by Anna Patricia Valerio discusses the issue of Hepatitis B and the low level of attention that it is receiving from the World Health Organization (WHO). According to the article the WHO announced that it was seeking input on three global health sector strategies. The three sectors included HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections, of these three issues Hepatitis B received the least attention. The article also points out important information about Hepatitis B and why the disease should not be placed on the back burner, and seemingly of a lesser concern. Hepatitis B is the eighth highest cause of deaths globally, killing 1.4 million per year. Asia has the highest prevalence rates of Hepatitis B, and although the incidence rates have decreased the issue still remains. Mainly due to the fact of poor public awareness about the issue.


Although the WHO has recently published the first guidelines for the prevention and treatment of Hepatitis B, this is only the first step. Hepatitis B cannot be placed on the back burner in relation to HIV/AIDS or sexually transmitted diseases. This is a highly contagious and deadly disease and measure should only be established to treat or prevent the disease education should also play a major role.

Phylicia Smith

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